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Why no manuals?

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Why doesn't the XE come with an option for manual with the 2.0T petrol engines in any trim? It's an option with the diesels though. Technical requirements?
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are you using the US configurator? thats why...
are you using the US configurator? thats why...
Did you check the UK configurator? That's what I was using as I like to see prices. There is no option for 2.0T with a manual tranny. In fact there are zero petrol engines with manual as an option. That also goes for the supercharged V6.
hmm, I've heard the configs are not quite complete yet... but then again could be wrong...
The UK config is quite complete. Besides the configurator for the UK there are options pdfs showing no manual options for the petrols and these pdfs usually don't get updated as frequently as the configurator as they are usually accurate from the get go.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and download brochures showing ALL the various options for each trim. No manuals.
This also might be the case since they might want to push automatics and then make manual available a year after initial production.
Or they might just not come out with a manual. There is definitely a push towards more automatic transmissions. I don't think that many people opt for the manual anymore.
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