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Wool..No, Chenille. NO, snow foam--NO

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;)Time for yet another visit to the wash-mitt chat room. As Spring has gone, and Summer has lost most (not all) of its pollen, tree sap (…but still NOT THE BIRDS)… for all you owners who handwash your motor car, which of the following techniques attracts you the most: (OR suggest your own..)

1. LET THE CHEMICALS DO ALL THE WORK, NOT THE MITT. Pre-wash with a pumpable color-safe agent like Eagle-1 All-Wheel & Tire Cleaner or 1Z Einszett Anti Insekt - Bug and Sap Remover, and you can wash with any cheap soft wash cloth.

2. THE EXPENSIVE OVERSEAS LAMBSWOOL MITT. Just that, decent soap, and a gentle hand top and bottom of the car.

3. THE KNOBBY-CHENILLE MITT. As long as it’s the real-Mckoy, with a lot of thick ½” knobby threads on the mitt, nothing else special is needed.

4. THE TWO-PUNCH GUY (GIRL). A decent Chenille or Wool mitt or sponge for the top half of the car, and a cheap disposable cloth or sponge for the bottom half and bumpers.

5. THE DUSTER. Uses just a super-quality exterior dry-sweeper (California-style), so you only need to give a quick wash once a month, with NO fancy mitt to worry about.
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I'd prefer the two bucket method with grit-guards and a lambswool mitt. A bit extreme? Maybe, but nobody wants swirls.
Haha, nice thread. My friend from DSRLeasing tried the 4th method (love how it sounds btw) and had some decent results.
As much as I preach to people that they should get their cars detailed and go to good car washes, I take the easy way out and instead go to the touchless car washes. The only difference for me is when I select wax + wash instead of just the wash :D
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