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XE Best in Class Cost of Ownership UK

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Already they're ready to claim!!

Jaguar will cover all servicing costs for the XE for five years/50,000 miles and a single payment of £475. There's also a £659 High Mileage Service Plan directed at corporate fleet customers, but which you can get regardless of how you purchased your XE. It will cover your costs for five years/75,000 miles, which Jaguar says, is more than any service plan offered by any of their premium rivals.

Furthermore, Jaguar have also made their Service Plans fully transferable to new owners while covering all repairs and replacement parts that you'd need in order to pass the XE's third, fourth and fifth year MOT (Minister of Transport) tests up to a value of £750. They'll also throw in AdBlue top-ups for the duration of the plan.
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I'm glad to see they're doing this, entering a competitive segment isn't easy and thankfully the XE as it is aside from this is shaping up to be a strong product, making initial years of ownership even more of a breeze is a great play on their part.
Sounds like a pretty generous offer, and this should go a fair way in assuaging people's fears that Jaguars may not be the most reliable cars out there. At least now you know that Jaguar will fix their products if they get broken.
That is an area I have been wondering about with Jaguar because it has been included without any cost with both of my Cadillac's for 4 years / 50,000 miles.
Oil changes, tire rotation, air filter, cabin filter, ect
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I think Cadillac was more in need of offering up an 'incentive' like that as to draw more folks to Cadillac, where as Jaguar is special, there's something special about owning a jaguar that many are attracted to.
To me it is a Luxury and part of a Luxury Experience though Cadillac falls short at the dealer experience level.
It gets even worse when you consider how good people report their experience to be at toyota dealers which is apparently amazing.... of all places toyota dealers!
I read they plan on revamping dealership to make it more boutique-like, so with that i'm sure they'll be retraining people on how to go about their jobs and the experience that should be created for the customer.

just can't have sales people like this guy:

That video is hilarious.

"Turn the music off please brotha." LOL

I think the boutique experience is a great idea. The nicest dealerships that I have seen are the Lincoln ones in China. Have you seen those?

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That is quite the layout for a place to sell Lincoln vehicles.
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