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With the new F-Pace and revised XF...

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it is strange (in a good way) to see the F-Pace there with the rest. Jaguar is doing a great job of expanding its line-up.

I also like the graphics that they've put on these examples.
Would have been great to include the Jaguar supercar concept although this was all production vehicles. Even more of a reason to include it since they did so much to prep it for the upcoming James Bond movie.
Yea, its great to see the James Bond cars. Who doesn't like James Bond? Wonder who will write the Bond song this time.

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Is the Orange one the Jaguar? Which model is that?
Is the Orange one the Jaguar? Which model is that?

That's the Jaguar supercar prototype that they've been testing for a while.

The other two are from LR/RR.
Specifically the Jaguar X-C75:

And then the last time we got a Jaguar supercar:

I actually still have a model car of the XJ220 at home in black on a wooden stand. It was super cool !
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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