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@racpoppa - I'm 189cm, so about 6ft2. And yes, I fitted comfortably. But I'm not sure how I will feel if the front seat was putted more to the rear...

@Kingpin - yes it was :) I ordered my XE in October and my dealer promised me that me and my wife would be invited for the first preview in the Netherlands. It turned out to be the LXRY event. Jaguar hosted a special party last Saturday at the event. According to the extensive list at the registration booth it looked like they invited 200+ people. The F-type and new LandRover Discovery Sport were also displayed!

BTW.... I just received an email from the Jaguar NL... the XE will be at the dealers here in JUNE!...
hmm June, and that's in the Netherlands, now we need some word on what to expect with the american market.
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