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:cool: No joking, I need some music tracks I can sample in my XE. I have the US Prestige tier, and the halo blue lighting with Taurus leather is crying for theme music.

What have you played accidentally in your XE that suddenly made you say "Oh my, wow. I suddenly realize how cool I am driving in this 2016/2017 XE---I need to remember this song."

Give me single track suggestions. I'll look into them.

Any category is welcome. I don't limit myself to any "type" of music.

It can be any language, Greek, Latvian, Peruvian, German, etc.

It can be all instrumental.

It can be comical, or car-related, or have nothing to do with cars at all.

It can be sexual soulful music for your sweetie :x It's okay, we're adults on this forum. (umm, well....right?)

It can be classical from any period, but not too far back (need to be able to obtain a copy with good fidelity).

Whatever you suggest, I will be grateful and check it out.

Here's the one I found by accident.

"Secret Garden", composed by Quincy Jones, (singers Barry White, James Ingram, Debarge)
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I have the same model and tier as you, and here are some of the songs that I've got for easy listening when driving. I've provided a variety so hopefully at least a couple of them will appeal to you.
Fleetwood Mac - Rumors (the track, or the whole album)
Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road
Simon and Garfunkle Sound of Silence
Four Seasons - Toy Soldier
Gordon Lightfoot - Home from the Forest
James Taylor - Captain Jim's Drunken Dream
Joan Baez - Diamonds and Rust
John Wright Band - Glory Days
Wild Cherry - Play that Funky Music

We met John Wright in Germany. He was performing in a pub and we bought one of his CD's before we left. Since then we've purchased each of the CD's he recorded before his passing.

Each of the songs I've recommended will sound great in your XE and if you have a chance to really listen to them they all tell great stories.
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