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XE Turbo diesel great for mountain roads

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After ordering my XE Prestige TDI back in November it finally arrived on Thursday and we picked it up Friday. So far we have about 300 miles on it, 100 of them on the freeway bringing it home, and 200 up on our two lane twisty mountain roads.

My impression so far is it's a keeper, with just a couple niggles. I believe that the accelerator is a little too touchy. When you start off even with a very light foot the car wants to surge ahead, and I'm hoping that there's a way to soften that initial surge. When accelerating sedately you can feel the transmission going from gear to gear. It's nothing that you can't get used to, but I've been driving a M-B and the shifts are seamless, so I'll give this some break in miles to see if if becomes less noticeable. The position of the accelerator and the brake, at least for me, are such that I find myself braking with my left foot. Usually I only use my right foot on both the accelerator and the brake (I guess this comes from driving standards for so many years, where the left foot is for the clutch), but the pedal locations seem to make this awkward. No big deal, and again, nothing that I can't adjust to.

I like the power and acceleration and the handling is terrific. Up here where it's mostly two lane roads I believe that the handling is really going to be great. My only complaint is that I couldn't get a standard transmission. Ya, I know, use the sport mode and the paddles, but it just isn't the same !

I'll be working with Malone to see about a tune for this engine. At least with the VW TDI when they put a tune on the engine they also tune the automatic transmission, so we'll see how this works out. There is no lack of power as it is, but a tune will add power and also increase fuel mileage, so I'm going to go for it.

Overall, my wife and I both really like the XE and feel that we made the right choice of the XE over the M-B, Lexus, Audi, etc.


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Great review and it's a beauty, congrats! I think the touchy accelerator may be smoothed out with a tune. But I don't think anyone has released one for the XE yet.
About the tune, did they give you any sort of timeline?

I know that information is typically limited with development but I figured this would be easiest to get :D
I'm waiting to hear back from Malone. The last email I got from them said "We have yet to work with the newer Jag diesels but are very excited to start playing around with them. By the looks of it our tools should read these no problem through the OBD2 port, and if we get lucky the flashzilla will too (same manufacturer). The ECU is very similar to the one used in the mercedes/bmw/VAG lineup, all german diesels are essentially using the same bosch ECU technology currently. If you would be interested in beta testing this tune we would be willing to do free development on it, just a matter of keeping things mild and doing some data logging.

I'll post the progress that we make.

I made an appointment and went down to the speed shop that they identified. They found that their computer tool (program?) wasn't compatible with the ECU and didn't want to do anything that would mess up the original setting, so they left things as they were. I got an email from Malone 2 days ago that said they had updated their computer tool and were ready to pull the ECU and read the stock data. I'm heading back down there on Thursday. I don't know if they'll be making their changes or just getting the data to analyze. Anyway, I'm excited. I love the way the car runs now, and smoothing out the initial surge on the throttle and adding power and torque will be awesome.
Yeah, I may be bumping a bit but great review overall. How is the car now with after improvement?
Jax, they still haven't been able to do the tune. Waiting for their equipment to be updated. It seems that Jaguar used some new data in their program that the test equipment doesn't understand, so the test equipment has to be modified before it will read and interpret the Jaguar information. It's been a slow process. But the car still runs great completely stock, and I'm very patient. I'll update this thread as soon as we make progress.
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