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XER-S, Rendered...

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I would assume its faily accurate, its not like there s much to be done...

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That looks pretty much how I would expect the XER-S to look. I can't see any part of it that might be different.
unless they push out front ad rear track for a wider footprint, which Jag really should....
Not bad at all, i would like to see a wider footprint, even body that is slightly more aggressive
Are there any shots of the rear? I'b be interested in how that looks
I could see it getting slightly more aggressive looks. Right now it looks nice but pretty tame. A few minor tweaks to the front fascia could go a long way.
Looks great to me as it is in that photo.
I wouldn't want them to go too crazy with it.

It already has enough done to show it's a special model, enough for me.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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